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Brand Coco de mer derived from exotic travel destinations around the world. When planning a trip in 2012, established the idea to go to the Seychelles, because only there grows a unique walnut on the aforementioned named Coco de mer. The originator brand is a traveler, sailor and friend of the company, Captain Andrzej Mazur, who organized the entire project. Our goal was to reach the Seychelles Archipelago. Sailing yacht driven by the wind, we arrived at one of the two islands, which grows Coco de mer, where we bought some great pieces.

Today, the largest species of walnut in the world is our pride and create our brand. From our travels we moved to a small manufactory in which with the passion manually create products of the highest quality, and above all, thoroughly combine the taste of nuts and fruit with delicious chocolate and sweet caramel. This is how established the brand Coco de mer
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Brand Coco de mer, since its inception belongs to Enterprises Production - and Service - Commercial "Molex", which he founded in 2002, Konrad Toczyński. Our products are manufactured by hand, which makes them unique, and adding to that all our heart, trigger a delight in the mouth at the same time leading to euphoria. In the preparation of such a wonderful bouquet of taste helps us multiple participant World Cup and the winner of an honorable third place in Brno, master pastry chef, Mr. Sebastian Szmyd.

Mass-produced things, lose your soul. Our kingdom of goodies is a small manufacture where we are hand-create a new, unique products. Therefore, products from Coco de mer you will not find in stores. You will find them where they belong, namely in our exceptional stands and online store, where we present our best delicacies.
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